Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Last weekend, my daughter came up from Hollywood to go get a tattoo with me. She chose a little design of two little proper English Gentlemen holding a kite and a "brelly" respectively. I chose a dragon. We went to Sacred Tattoos in downtown Oakland and both of us were inked by Jesse.
If I do get just one more, I've been wanting to get an ambigram of both my daughters names. (Chelsea and Chloe). But, I'm done for a little while.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Two Month Posting? Really?

Well, here it is, November 2nd. My last entry was on September 2nd. I guess you slow down after a while of doing something. I'm not going to say I'll do better either - it is what it is.

My 50/90 output was about 23 songs this time. A few of those were collaborations, so my mileage may vary. There are a couple keepers in there I should think. I'm going to regroup and listen to what I have so far from this last 50/90 and past FAWM's as well and see if I can put together a new album. I've actually already put together a preliminary list and the working title for the project is So Far So Good. I'll share the list next time.

Back in May, I found a website called StudioTraxx where I registered as a studio musician for hire. I've heard nothing until just now, when I got two requests for quotes. One is a project songwriter in North Carolina doing a Christian album and the other is a woman songwriter who needs some help with acoustic guitar on one of her new tracks. Amazing. I love making tracks and getting paid. It doesn't get much better.