Monday, July 27, 2009

I have 12, but it's really 10

I had scheduled all of Saturday to work on songs. But, Chelsea called and let me know she was on her way up from LA and wanted to crash at our place. She was up to attend her 10 year high school reunion! (Really?) So I spent most of the day with her and worked a little on some tunes. After she left for the party, I was able to find a few hours in front of the DAW. It was absolutely wonderful to get to spend time with my eldest daughter. She's pretty amazing!

50/90 continues and I've still a bit behind. I like where I am though and I'm rather fond of what I've produced so far. Speaking of So Far... So Far So Good is a little love song I wrote for Jane. After I finished it, I couldn't share with her 'cause she was mad at me. I had to wait until that blew over.

Red Beans and Rice is another one that worked out. It was one of those that almost wrote itself. And I recorded it in a very short time - only two takes!

And I recorded a little weird 2 and a half minute rock song called Powerwalk. I couldn't think of a name for it and Becca (visiting grand niece) came up with the title.

I've got one more to demo in there called Bringing the Devil Home and perhaps I'll record Billy Sea's version of Variety Show.

Heigh Ho

Monday, July 20, 2009


I got questions, baby. My new 5090 tune is called the Question Blues. I recorded the guitar and vocals in one take together. Then I added the harmonica and the hand drum.

Here's the link: Question Blues

Got me some questions, baby
I got some questions on my mind
Got me some questions, baby
I got some questions on my mind
And I been a-wondr'n
If I've just been blind

The pleasures of indiscretion, baby
You made arrangements on the sly
Pleasure and indiscretion, baby
You made arrangements on the sly
I have no choice but to
Counter with good-bye

Who was that guy I saw you with?
What's his name, are you takin' the fifth?
When did it all go so wrong?
Where did I start to get strung along?

What's up wit you, Baby?
Inquiring minds want to know
I seek some understanding, Baby
Inquiring minds want to know
I just need to step back
And try to keep in control

Who was that guy I saw you with?
What's his name, are you takin' the fifth?
Where did it start to go all wrong?
When did you start to string me along?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

15 Days Into 50/90: 5 Songs

Well, three actual demos with lyrics, and two lyrics with no music yet. Perhaps I can record something this weekend. I haven't been able to record in either GarageBand or Logic Express - for some reason I get the "beachball of death". (Mac version of the blue screen...) I can program loops and playback already recorded files, but it will not let me add a real instrument. I figgered that it's a resource issue and did some long needed administrative computer stuff. But freeing up all that memory didn't really do anything. I may have to re-load the software, butI'll research it a bit more.

My two new sets of lyrics are these: Variety Show and Francois Leared to Chachach√°
There is this web songwriting tool that I "Stumbled Upon" called Lilac Writer. It's an online songwriting tool to help you write lyrics with built-in references, organization & collaboration tools. (That's from their page). I was contacted by someone from that organization to be e-mail interviewed for their blog. I've answered the first set of questions and I'm waiting on the follow ups. Fun, huh? I really do like their site, I using it as a place to write for the 50/90 challenge. Watch this space for further development.

By the way, follow me on Twitter: not that I keep up with it very much yet, but I'm getting it.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I Plod Along

I seem to be at par or a little ahead of the game on 50/90! This has been rolling around in my little head for a few days. Jane and I went over to JP's for some playin' and grillin' - and he helped me sort it out a little better. This is what I came up with...

Here is my third song:
(click on the title to stream it or "save as" to download the MP3)

"call me phylo" (c) 2009 Phil Bearce

It's amazing what you can see
When you open up your eyes
Do you find that you were wearing
An elaborate disguise?

And all the folks around you
Walk around in such a daze
Assuming that you'd rather
Just have the good ol' days

The name that I was given
An apostle's I did share
Of the Twelve named: Phillip
It was my Mother's prayer

You can call me 'phylo'
There are structures I must draw
So I can make a living
Torn from the corporate claw

But I can make some music
I play a mean guitar
Harmonica and mando
Underneath the evening stars

And when you come and listen
With your coffee or your beer
I'll play for you my stories
And share with you my fears

But also all my laughter
And the joys that will surround
And you'd complete the circuit
As the music comes around

Monday, July 6, 2009

Three Months of Constant Writing!

This last weekend, the Fourth of July Weekend, marks the start of my second attempt at 50/90. I already have two songs done and posted; Full Deck and She Taught Her Children

My plan this year is to only post songs that I have demo'd. Last year I would get too excited over finishing a lyric and post it with the idea that I'll get to the demo at some point. Some of those words still don't have music. - There are already 278 songs written and at this writing, there are 87 Days, 21 Hours, 34 Minutes, and 17 seconds left til the end of the time. So my upcoming days will be filled with following my fellow songwriters' journey on the path to 50 songs, as well as keeping my own mind open to whatever comes and chasing (and hopefull catching) that elusive muse.

Jane and I went over to palomine JP's house yesterday with a tri-tip to grill and some sweet white corn-on-the-cob to throw on the barbie as well. Had a lovely late lunch/early dinner and played music. I recorded most of it with my field recorder onto an old ipod. It did an amazing job. I have yet to upload those files and do a small bit of editing. If there's anything worth posting - well, watch this space!