Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Two Week Posting

50/90 is slowing down. Not only for me, but a bunch of the usual suspects are dropping out officially. I'm dubious that I can write and demo any more in the slightly less than a month we have left. But, I'm not quitting. I may have one or two more inside if that fickle biatch muse decides to visit.

In the interim, I have created another instrumental
called: When She's Away
I had some fun making this one into a little video - you Tube: When She's Away Video
(The video contains some Super8 footage taken by my Dad in about 1956 or 1957. )

I did another collaboration with 1B King. He sent me some lyrics to a song he calls 30 Weight and Black Lace. Says it should be a roadhouse/Biker Bar kind of jam. So I created a 4 plus minute jam, in E, and added a couple leady bits and a lot od space for Bob to put in his licks and the vocals. As soon as 1B posts it, I'll share with you, my singular reader. (Hi JP)

Since my last post, I have acquired a pair of A M A Z I N G speakers for my recording set up. My buddy Norm sold me a pair of Tannoy Studio Reference Monitors for $100! Holy shit, what a difference. I had to buy a small power amplifier to drive the monitors.

Until next time...

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