Sunday, January 16, 2011

A New Year and a forgotten blog

Hello you guys. Are you still with me? Thanks...

We're about 15 days until the 2011 FAWM season begins. February is indeed album writing month this time. I told you (I think) that my band, Country Grunge, broke up. That was way back in May of last year. I've been writing music sporadically and I participated in 2010 50/90 (failed only got about 6 songs this time).

Recently, I met a guy who's wife works with my wife, and lives on the next street over from us! His name is Cris and he's a purdy-good drummer with a lovely vintage Gretch kit. He's been out of the loop for a bit, but he's a total trooper, going along with recording weirdness from me. He has a little tiny studio, and access to an ADAT studio 40 minutes drive from here. Our first order of business was to record "Lyin' Eyes" by the Eagle. I'm still not quite sure why, but we did it and it sounds pretty good. I recorded the bass and guitar and lead parts before he got here. I had told him that I could only record two tracks simultaneously with my M-Audio Fastrack Pro. So we had two options: record the performance with one mic, and record each drum sound on a separate track; bass drum, snare, hi-hat, etc. - which is what we did. Sounds great! He will eventual get triggers for each piece so we can create midi files of his drum beats.

anyway.... It's not that I've forgotten this blog. I see the link for it everyday on my webpage and on my bookmarks toolbar. New years rez: I WILL write in my blog. (not that anyone reads this anyway, but whatevs....

Love and Rockets my friends.

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