Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Some new Pale Moon Sky pehaps?

A number of years ago, I was one half of the acoustic rock duo called Pale Moon Sky. I had met Tim Ryan at the local Benicia, California coffee hangout called "In The Company of Wolves". It was owned by a very colorful and lovely lesbian couple, Deb and Deb. We played there on and off for three years on this little postage stamp sized stage, trying like hell to sing over the cappuccino machine. Tim and I wrote some pretty cool folk-rock tunes and we eventually put together a CD called This Feels Like Home.

Tim retired and currently lives in paradise, well it's called Lahaina, Maui, and he is starting to resurrect his musical efforts. I had two songs from my FAWM '08 collection where the melodies just wouldn't come to me. So I sent them to my old buddy in Hawaii and asked if he would take a stab. He was agreeable, and after a couple iterations, we may have a new PMS song comming. We're going to try to produce this tune across the Pacific Ocean. I will post it up as we get closer.


On another note: I started another blog that no one will ever read. It's called "la cuisine de mi familia", and it's a collection of recipes from my immigrant Italian family. There are two recipes up currently, but I'll post more as I get time. This is the food of my people - which is to say that in no way has your health been considered in the making of these dishes. Back then, that's the way it was - you eats your food, you takes your chances. But oh, how tasty it was. I'm in my late 50's and I've been getting these sent to me ever since I set out on my own in this world.

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