Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I haven't written in a while...

But, I haven't really had that much to talk about. (Musically)

My band, Country Grunge, played a little private show last Saturday at a community pool in Fremont. We were well received and we sounded pretty good. Norm's son, Rod, opened for us for the first hour, and we played the last two hours. Rod came up and helped on a few and we did the same for his segment.

Norm got an e-mail from some Peninsula attorneys who want us to play for functions in Palo Alto. Norm sent back that we charge $600, but we're flexible. Funny.

I'm going over to Rhys' apartment tonight after work to work on a few things and do a mini vocal section. Norm's off to the cabin for the weekend already.

Not much else going on - I'm walking the fence on doing 50/90 this year - starts July 4th and goes 'til October 1st. Big time commitment. We'll see.

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