Friday, March 6, 2009

Spring Ahead

We are now six days past FAWM and I'm still kind of in a daze. That last little push was really fun for me. With all of the amazing collaborations this year, I really didn't write and demo 14 songs. I had only 11, but still my ticker said "winner". On the last day, and with those few uninterrupted hours left, I composed a suite of three instrumental acoustic guitar pieces bringing my tote board to 23. Mine plus 9 collaborations! During the month, I learned more about what I can get away with using the tools that I've collected. I only used GarageBand once, all other tunes were demo'd using Logic Express.

So now I've got to go back and learn how to perform two from this years crop of my songs to play at the showcase on the 14th. I hope I can remember the chords.

The next big project - and one I'm looking forward to, is to re-mix some of the instrumentals for my album 'phylosophy'. It never got mastered either. I'd like to release that one.

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