Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New Organic Blues

There are only three days left for FAWM. I've slowed down a bit, even though I have only written 11 songs. Although my list stands at 19, eight of those have been collaborations. I recorded a piece that was supposed to be used for one of my sets of lyrics that had no music. It kept not working for the words, so I just added more layers of instruments. I started with a drum track that I programmed, then added midi bass, the basic guitar changes, harmonica, and organ.

I have had so much fun listening to these five versions (so far) of my little blues piece that I called New Organic Blues. It was called a ”smokey bed track” by devin (FAWM) and it's in the key of Am. My original New Organic Blues “Sunrise Mississippi” - Billy Sea “New Organic Blues” - Todd Norem “Dearly Departed” – cts “ A.D.D. Blues” - Errol “Hanging Around” - devin

I really liked my guitar solo in there.

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