Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I Plod Along

I seem to be at par or a little ahead of the game on 50/90! This has been rolling around in my little head for a few days. Jane and I went over to JP's for some playin' and grillin' - and he helped me sort it out a little better. This is what I came up with...

Here is my third song:
(click on the title to stream it or "save as" to download the MP3)

"call me phylo" (c) 2009 Phil Bearce

It's amazing what you can see
When you open up your eyes
Do you find that you were wearing
An elaborate disguise?

And all the folks around you
Walk around in such a daze
Assuming that you'd rather
Just have the good ol' days

The name that I was given
An apostle's I did share
Of the Twelve named: Phillip
It was my Mother's prayer

You can call me 'phylo'
There are structures I must draw
So I can make a living
Torn from the corporate claw

But I can make some music
I play a mean guitar
Harmonica and mando
Underneath the evening stars

And when you come and listen
With your coffee or your beer
I'll play for you my stories
And share with you my fears

But also all my laughter
And the joys that will surround
And you'd complete the circuit
As the music comes around

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