Wednesday, July 15, 2009

15 Days Into 50/90: 5 Songs

Well, three actual demos with lyrics, and two lyrics with no music yet. Perhaps I can record something this weekend. I haven't been able to record in either GarageBand or Logic Express - for some reason I get the "beachball of death". (Mac version of the blue screen...) I can program loops and playback already recorded files, but it will not let me add a real instrument. I figgered that it's a resource issue and did some long needed administrative computer stuff. But freeing up all that memory didn't really do anything. I may have to re-load the software, butI'll research it a bit more.

My two new sets of lyrics are these: Variety Show and Francois Leared to Chachach√°
There is this web songwriting tool that I "Stumbled Upon" called Lilac Writer. It's an online songwriting tool to help you write lyrics with built-in references, organization & collaboration tools. (That's from their page). I was contacted by someone from that organization to be e-mail interviewed for their blog. I've answered the first set of questions and I'm waiting on the follow ups. Fun, huh? I really do like their site, I using it as a place to write for the 50/90 challenge. Watch this space for further development.

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