Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Disjointed Day

But nice. I got to sleep in a little this morning, something I almost never do. I thought it best to have the doctor see me and make sure that I'm okay after being brutally rear-ended on Monday. I am okay. Got to work around 12:30 and grabbed some lunch. Did my due diligence and now I get to leave in a half hour or so to go rehearse with the boys. (We have a one hour little show at the Nomad Cafe in Oakland on Saturday).

I had a nice and rather untypically long conversation with my Mom last night on the way home from work. She suggested a time for us to have our little trip together. She has planned and paid for one on one travel adventures for her each of her children -
STARTING WITH THE YOUNGEST! Amazingly, I'm next. Mom and Janine went on a Carribbean Cruise, She took Paul on an Alaskan Cruise, Julie and her went to the Carribbean, and she and Dave went to Hawaii. When she finally asked me where I want to go, I mentioned Nashville (for obvious musical reasons). But she countered with New York City! Hmmmm, interesting. While I've never been to either place, New York is indeed intriguing. One goal I have for this trip is to write a song that we can sing together and book some time in a recording studio. She recorded as a young woman and had quite the singing voice back int he day. Now in her eighties, I'd like to share that with her - she is, after all the reason I do music. So it looks like we'll schedule our trip sometime in September. I'll keep you posted.

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