Thursday, February 19, 2009

Just Nine Days Left!

The end of the writing and recording part of FAWM is quickly approaching. Although my tote-board says that I’m a winner, that’s not entirely true. I admit that I’ve only written 10 songs so far. (I still have to demo two of those.) Five of the ones up there are collaborations with other FAWMers. Please check out Dearly Departed with cts; and Outside Walkin’ with Steve Key. On Dearly Departed, I provided the music part and cts wrote and sang the words. On Outside Walkin’, just the opposite. I wrote the lyrics and Steve wrote the music and sang it. (He also made a slight [sanctioned] change in the lyrics).

Steve_Apple_Head is organizing an After-FAWM Showcase where I’ll be performing a couple of my 2009 FAWM tunes alsongside other California FAWMers. (See Flyer) It’ll happen down in SoCal the middle of March. Bonus: My two daughters live not far from there – another chance to see ‘em! Yay!

A few days ago, I went to my local pro-audio shop and bought a large-diaphragm USB microphone. I always had to hook up my mixer to plug the recording mic in for the phantom power. This eliminated that – but I forgot to think about how I would monitor the current track and the recorded playback at the same time. The tech-savvy FAWMily came to the rescue and gave me many great suggestions. And on my own, I discovered the AUDIO/MIDI control program on my iMac, which did the trick. Now I get it. The more I do this – the better I get at using all these lovely tools.

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